Your angels want to help you with this situation; however, they require your permission before they can intervene in your freewill choices.


Have You Asked Your Angels For Help With This?

Ask for HelpThis This card indicates that you’ve been going it alone, trying to single-handedly find answers and solutions. All the while, your angels hover nearby awaiting the moment when you give them the go-ahead signal so that they can help you.

You received this card because the angels want to assist you with this situation, but they can only do so if you give them permission. The angels are available to you right now – to answer your questions, give you guidance, and speed your manifestations. It’s true that God and the angels already know what you need. However, because God created you and everyone with free will, Heaven can only intervene if you give permission. It doesn’t matter whether you ask for help aloud, in written form, silently or even what words you choose. What matters is that you ask. If you’re unsure of what to ask for or are concerned about asking for the wrong thing or requesting less than God’s will, then ask Heaven to help you with clarity and courage.

Action Steps:

Whether you’re seeking answers and guidance, healing and relief, or a manifestation of your earthly material needs, your angels can assist you in powerful ways. Take a moment right now to ask for your angels’ help, either silently or aloud. Please don’t worry about asking for the wrong thing or stating your prayer in an incorrect way, as the angels respond to the intention that underlies your request. After you ask for their help, watch for and follow the angel’s replies, which will come in the form of gut feelings, dreams, ideas, and signs.


Aug 25, 2016

I am asking my ANGELS to intervene to speed up this process…as I am in need of the ‘RIGHT’ place of employment. In Jesus Christ name. Amen
So Be It

Aug 11, 2016

Dear angels plz in my relationship with my friend,plz.claerify the situation in my workso that i can do my job in peace nd harmony thanku

Aug 11, 2016

Plz angels I pray every night to get my qualification done this is security for myself and my son . but my tutor is hard to contact I really need to know will I achieve my goal as I have only two pieces left hopefully I’m doing it right

Aug 10, 2016
Wanda POPE

The angels timing is Divine indeed. I don’t know what exactly to ask for but I trust that the angels do know what I need to move past this. I don’t even know what that would look like. But please help me fr my hghest and most benevolent outcome. As so it is. Amen

May 23, 2016

Me and my boyfriend just broke up and I really want to know if I am going be able to go live with my mom because I gotta move out of his house? And if yes how soon? Thanks angels

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