Embark on a transformative journey of healing and spiritual enlightenment with Spiritual Intuitive Danica and her celestial companions, the esteemed Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, and their team of angelic healers. Together, they are here to guide you towards holistic healing on every level of your being - mind, body, and spirit - transcending the boundaries of time itself. Discover the Power of Letting Go: Heal, Grow, and Reclaim Your Inner Sparkle with Angelic Healing!
Embrace your journey of healing by getting to the root of your worries, concerns, and fears. Nourish Your Soul and Escape Negative Energy. Experience Greater Energy Balance through Regular Chakra and Aura Shielding with The Healing Archangels. Experience the Power of Angelic Healing: Let Go and Start your Journey to Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, and Physical Grounding.

May God Bless You & May The Healing Archangels Always Be By Your side. 

Angelic Blessings

Spiritual Intuitive Danica


Q. What informative details do you need after I place my order?

A. After you’ve placed your order, please reply to your order confirmation email with your full name, your email, birthdate (must be 18+) as well as your recent photo. You can also contact me here, and I can assist you further with your order. All of your information is kept confidential.

Q. How do I receive my angel healing reading?

A. Angelic healing readings are delivered via email. After placing your order, you will receive a written reading from me that includes guidance and insights specific to your situation. I strive to send out readings in a timely manner. Please allow some time for processing and delivery via email.

Q. Can angelic healing readings guarantee that I will be healed?

A. Angelic healing readings are not a guarantee of physical or emotional healing. They are meant to provide guidance, support, and energetic healing. The effectiveness of the healing process depends on various factors, including your openness to receiving healing energy and your willingness to take action based on the guidance provided. Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday 11am-7pm. (CST)

Q. What kind of Healing do you do?

A. I offer a variety of healing services, including chakra healing, angel healing, and cord cutting. Each healing session is tailored to your specific needs and guided by the angels to bring you healing and guidance.

Do you offer relationship readings?

A. Yes, I offer relationship readings to help provide guidance and support for emotional healing and to restore hope for a divine union in your life.

Q. What is an aura angelic healing reading?

A. An aura angelic healing reading is a personalized reading that focuses on healing and balancing your aura. It can provide insights into your energy field and offer guidance on how to release any negative or stagnant energy, allowing for healing and transformation.

Q. Can I ask a specific question in my reading?

A. If you would like to ask a specific question, I recommend purchasing my one specific question angel healing reading. This reading allows you to focus on a specific area of your life or question that you would like guidance on.

Q. How do I ask for healing for others' emotional chaos?

A. If you would like to request healing for others, please provide their names and a brief description of the emotional chaos during checkout or in your order confirmation email.

Q. Do you offer video session appointments?

A. At the moment, I only offer email readings. After you've purchased your order, I will send your reading to the email address you provided during checkout.


Release Stress with Archangel Michael

Call on Archangel Michael when you need courage or strength. Michael will protect you and transform your fearful mind into one filled with peace. Let Michael be your bodyguard today. If you've had any sort of stressful or negative experience and it's causing you pain, either physical or emotional pain, it's wonderful to call on the Archangel Michael who is the supreme helper in any experience that brings up fear. Archangel Michael, we call upon you now. Please come to us. Help us release any negative energy that we may have absorbed and to release any attachments to fear from this situation or any situation that it reminds us of. Michael, please clear us of any sort of un-forgiveness, any anger, or anything that we may be harboring, such as resentment or fear. Breathing in: Archangel Michael's comforting and soothing energy. Michael, we ask that you release us from anything that could be draining our energy or vitality and we ask that all mistakes in this situation be now undone in all directions of time for everyone involved and all affects lifted, in all directions of time. We ask that those involved are willing to forgive and to bring about peace in exchange for all pain. Taking in a deep breath of this healing energy, and on the exhale: we let go of those feelings that came up before previously that were painful. And breathing in: peace, light, tranquility, to the best of our ability. And as we breathe out one more time, we let go of judgments to the best that we can. Breathing in: the knowledge that we truly are one with everyone and that everyone’s doing the best that they can, even though we make mistakes. On the exhale, breathing out: those feelings that just don't feel good to harbor, and breathing in, the willingness to be at peace, now. We ask you angels to bring about a miraculous healing to this situation and to help everyone involved to be happy, healthy, and at peace.

Healing With Archangel Raphael

We begin this healing meditation with calling on the Archangel Raphael who is the supreme agent of healing in the angelic realm. We now call upon the Archangel Raphael to come to your side and to heal and balance anything in your body that's in need of this loving care. So if you will simply breathe and be open and receptive to receiving this angel's help, he's now with you along with his other angels, whom we call the healing angels, helping you and surrounding you with his beautiful emerald green healing light. Archangel Raphael asks you to do your best to relax your body, letting your muscles loosen up just a bit, letting your jaw muscles loosen, your stomach, shoulders, neck, and back. And, the more that we relax, take it easy and breathe, the more we become open to receiving the healing angel's help. As we breathe, we're literally breathing in the healing energy that Raphael brings to us and we can direct the healing energy to any part of our body that's in need of some help. We now ask that you be willing to receive Archangel Raphael's gift of health, vitality, and wellness, and on the exhale, releasing any old toxins, lower energies, any old cravings for unhelpful substances or behaviors, and anything else that's not supporting your health. Let it go now. (Exhale) And on this next inhale, breathe in deeply the great love, the reverence, and the honor that Raphael holds for you. You're loved completely by this angel who looks past the surface, looks past any seeming mistakes that you think you've made or not made and sees who you really are—a perfect and holy child of God who's a perfect reflection of this light and love that can never be extinguished or soiled in any way. We ask that you sit quietly with the healing angels for the next few minutes, listen to their guidance and follow it as it comes to you through your thoughts, feelings, visions, or words and know that you are safe. And so it is. 

Archangel Raphael, please surround me in your green emerald healing light. You are God's healer and therefore you have been given the power to heal for God. I request and accept divine healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Show me and help me become one with the truth. I am healed, whole, and healthy. 

Thank you, Raphael, for this miracle of healing.

Connect With Angels 

Everyone has angels with them. From the moment you are born, you have at least two guardian angels with you and they will be by your side until you come to the end of your physical life. Nothing you do, say, feel or think can ever make your angels leave your side. The angels are God’s messengers and helpers and they see you through eyes of unconditional love. Their guidance is always gentle and loving. When you desire help from your angels, you simply need to ask. Because of the Law of Free Will, the angels can only assist you when you request their help or if your life is ever endangered. They hear and attend to your requests, whether you call for them out loud or reach out with your thoughts and feelings. They know the desires of your soul, of your True Self, and always offer loving guidance to point you in the direction of your dreams. It is very simple to begin working with and receiving guidance from your angels. They celebrate every moment that we make a conscious effort to connect with them. Your angels want you to call on them for any situation, large or small, and welcome the opportunity to prove their existence to you – again and again. Just begin to establish a relationship with your angels (or any of your spiritual helpers) and watch the miracles unfold.


Your Angels Are Always Ready To Help Your angels are ready 24/7 to help you, you just need to know how to connect with them. You can ask your angels to help you at any time and in any place - make friends with your angels and you will have a unique source of encouragement and guidance. 

1 Take a few minutes out each day to commune with your angels, talk to them either out loud or in your head and express your gratitude to them. 

2 When you need help from your angels all you need to do is ask. 

3 Ask your question, quieten your mind and wait for the response. 

4 Close your eyes and picture a golden light filling you up with unconditional love. 

5 Your response will come to you in some way, maybe a whisper or a thought, or maybe a sign from nature such as a bird or butterfly. You may be drawn to read a certain book or watch a particular film. Maybe even a song on the radio will give you the inspiration you need. Just pay attention over the next few days, and sure enough your answer will come. 

6 Don't forget to thank your angels for their help.

What if I don't feel a connection?

Angels vibrate at a very high level and it may take a while to attune yourself to this high vibration. Be patient! The most common blocks to getting angelic guidance are: 

Diet—(meat, caffeine, shellfish, most junk food, prepackaged foods that contain chemical additives and preservatives and chocolate are all low vibration foods that can block divine guidance) Drugs—(even over the counter products) and alcohol can cloud clarity. 

Drama—Whether the chaos is yours or originates from others in your life, it can make you distracted and agitated which adds to the difficulty of connecting with angels. Ask your angels to clear away all negativity and fear and fill you with the energies of peace and love. 

Disorganization—Angels are attracted to clean, organized, quiet atmospheres. Provide a welcoming atmosphere to appeal to angels. 

Negative People—Make changes where you can in your own life and try to avoid negative people. If you can't because of your circumstances, it may take you longer to connect but keep trying, eventually you'll be able to tune into the higher vibrations. 

Inexperience—If you haven’t done a lot of spiritual work or find it hard to relax and quiet your mind, be patient and realistic with your expectations. Try to increase your awareness of angels by heightening your all your senses and meditating regularly only a few minutes at a time. 

Unrealistic Expectations—If you're expecting a talking hologram to appear and talk to you for an extended amount of time, it's not going to happen. Especially at first, the contact may be brief and more of a feeling than visual or audio. If you are lonely, you need human contact! Get out and join clubs or groups with interests like yours. Life is meant to be lived—get out there


How To Hear Your Angels

The difference between hearing a true Divine voice, heeding the imagination, or having a hallucination is clear and distinct. Heaven may speak to us through a loud, disembodied voice outside our head; a quiet inner voice inside our head; a conversation that we “happen” to overhear; or by hearing music in our minds or over and over again on the radio. 

A True Angelic Experience Involving Hearing• Sentences usually begin with the words you or we.• There’s a sense that someone else is talking to you, even if it sounds like your own voice.• It’s readily apparent how the message relates to your immediate concerns or questions.• The voice is to the point and blunt.• The sound is loving and positive, even if it’s warning you of danger.• It asks you to take immediate action, including changing your thoughts or attitude to be more loving.• You may hear a voice call your name upon awakening.• You could be aware of strains of beautiful, disembodied “celestial” music.• You might receive a message about self-improvement or helping others.Imagination or False Guidance Involving Hearing• Sentences usually being with the word I.• It feels like you’re talking to yourself.• The message is muddy, cryptic, or unclear.• The voice is wordy and vague.• It’s taunting, alarming, or cruel.• There’s gossip and speculation about others.• You hear abusive words.• You experience loud, unpleasant noises or discordant music.• There’s a message to hurt yourself and others.Hearing the voice of Spirit is called clairaudience, or “clear hearing.”Common Ways in Which You Hear Heaven’s VoiceChances are excellent that you’ve heard your angels and other spiritual beings speak to you throughout your life. Have any of the following situations happened to you?• Upon awakening, you hear your name called by a disembodied voice.• Out of nowhere, you detect a strain of beautiful, celestial-sounding music.• You hear a song repeatedly, either in your head or on the radio.• There’s a loud, shrill ringing noise in one ear.• You overhear a conversation in which a stranger says the exact thing that you need to hear.• You just “happen” to turn on the television or radio at the precise moment when a relevant discussion is occurring.• You hear a deceased loved one’s voice in your mind, in a dream, or outside of your head.• You pick up on a living loved one’s call for help, and it turns out that he or she needed assistance just then.• A telephone or doorbell rings—no one is there, but you can sense that your deceased loved one is trying to get your attention.• A disembodied voice gives you a warning or a life-enhancing message.• You’re looking for a lost item, your pray for assistance, and then you hear a voice tell you where to locate it. 

Guardian Angels

Everyone has a guardian angel, with no exceptions. I've met people who doubted whether they deserved to have a guardian angel. Please know that you have a guardian angel with you, guaranteed! This is the angel who constantly stays with you, from birth until your transition back to heaven. This angel's love for you is unconditional and bigger than anything on this earth. Your guardian angel makes certain you are safe and guided always. Guardian angels are sometimes confused with "spirit guides." A spirit guide is a loving being who has lived upon the earth in human form. This person then received special training in the afterlife about how to become a spirit guide. This training emphasizes that the guide is not to interfere with your free will or make decisions for you. The guide is there to give you general advice, comfort, and at times warning and protection. Most spirit guides are deceased loved ones, such as grandparents, siblings, beloved friends, and parents. Your spirit guide may have passed-away in the physical life before you were born. However, this loving being was there at your birth and has been with you every day of your life since. Just as you will always take an interest in your family's future offspring, so do the deceased family members whom we may have never encountered in physical form. Spirit guides act in the capacity of guardian angels, in that they bring many gifts to our lives. The main difference is that true guardian angels, who have never walked as mortals upon the earth, have a higher vibrating energy frequency. People who are empathic, who can "feel" the sensation of a spiritual presence, can tell the palpable difference between an angelic and a spirit guide appearance. 

Clairvoyants see that angels' aura is bright white, whereas a spirit guide's aura is not quite as bright and may appear as a bluish-white. Angels. These are the beings of light who respond to our calls for guidance, assistance, protection, and comfort. God's thoughts of love create angels. The angels are here to help us, especially when our intent is to bring joy and healing to the world. Ask for as many angels as you want to surround you. Ask for angels to surround your loved ones, your home, and your business. Angels receive great joy at helping us, and they ask only that we occasionally remember to say, "Thank you" in gratitude for their help.

You Know That Angels Are Near When . . . You feel the angels' presence. Perhaps you sense a warm brush across your face, shoulders, hands, or arms. You might feel their hug, or the brush of a wing across your skin. The air pressure changes when angels enter a room. There is a palpable thickening, as if a delicious cloud just rolled in to shield you from the heat. Too, the room temperature may seem to shift, or you might catch a whiff of a beautiful lilting fragrance that you can't quite identify. When the angels hug you, you feel a deep warmth flow through your chest and your heart expands with unearthly love. You see the angels' presence. The calling cards of angels are visible. A sparkle of white light out of the corner of your eye signals that an angel is near. A feather that mysteriously appears from out of nowhere. And the beautiful angels you see in a darkened room, or standing beside a beloved friend or teacher, confirm that the angelic kingdom visits you. You hear the angels' presences. A loving whisper in your ear that urges you to improve your life. Or an unmistakable shout warning you to, "Watch out!" A voice inside your mind counseling you to reach for the stars, and the sweet strains of music coming from out of nowhere. These are the sounds that angels make. You know the angels' presence. When you suddenly get an idea that dramatically transforms your life, an angel has just delivered a message from God and tucked it safely within your heart. When you have an unmistakable knowingness that angels are near to you, trust that it is so. You experience the angels' presence. When they miraculously avert a near-tragedy, or an opportune door "coincidentally" opens for you at just the right moment, you know that angels are helping you in the background. When you walk through nature and feel free and joy-filled, you can be sure that angels walk beside you along the way.

Connect with your Guardian Angel Mediation.

Relax and breathe deeply and rhythmically. Let your thoughts go. When your mind is quiet, pray to the divine in whatever way you wish. Pray for the removal of obstacles, for self-knowledge, and for greater awareness. See a ring of pure light around you, protecting you from all harm and filling you with pure, white light that banishes all stress and negativity. Sit and breathe quietly. Breathe this white light into your body and feel yourself filled with it until you are completely at peace. Relax and meditate with us for a couple of minutes. Let the normal mental babble and millions of stray thoughts flow through your mind. Do not seek to stop them, but withdraw from them. Let them go like eddies on a river, simply ignore them and hold yourself as still as possible. Let your mind go, but hold to the center of your being.Relax. Relax. Relax. Relax You cannot hurt yourself or in any way endanger yourself. You are surrounded by divine light. Now say to yourself, silently, and feel the words ring out from the core of your being out into the cosmos: "Guardian Angel, come to me."Exhale slowly and say to yourself: "With love and will, so may it be." Inhale. "Guardian Angel, come to me." Exhale. "With love and will so may it be."Repeat this breathing exercise for as long as you like. Relax. Relax. Then your angel will come to you.When the communication is over, simply pray in any way you feel comfortable to the divine, thanking the divine, thanking your angel. When you are done, again see yourself surrounded by divine light and see it disperse or fade into Mother Earth. Fade into the earth. Feel the earth. Rebirth. Slowly come back to the physical world.

May you forever walk in the way of your angel.