Your angels want to help you with this situation; however, they require your permission before they can intervene in your freewill choices.


Have You Asked Your Angels For Help With This?

Ask for HelpThis This card indicates that you’ve been going it alone, trying to single-handedly find answers and solutions. All the while, your angels hover nearby awaiting the moment when you give them the go-ahead signal so that they can help you.

You received this card because the angels want to assist you with this situation, but they can only do so if you give them permission. The angels are available to you right now – to answer your questions, give you guidance, and speed your manifestations. It’s true that God and the angels already know what you need. However, because God created you and everyone with free will, Heaven can only intervene if you give permission. It doesn’t matter whether you ask for help aloud, in written form, silently or even what words you choose. What matters is that you ask. If you’re unsure of what to ask for or are concerned about asking for the wrong thing or requesting less than God’s will, then ask Heaven to help you with clarity and courage.

Action Steps:

Whether you’re seeking answers and guidance, healing and relief, or a manifestation of your earthly material needs, your angels can assist you in powerful ways. Take a moment right now to ask for your angels’ help, either silently or aloud. Please don’t worry about asking for the wrong thing or stating your prayer in an incorrect way, as the angels respond to the intention that underlies your request. After you ask for their help, watch for and follow the angel’s replies, which will come in the form of gut feelings, dreams, ideas, and signs.


Jul 31, 2017
Palesa Pangalele

Dear Divine Archangels and Angels, I call upon you to please help me raise the money needed in working from my own personal space. I’m in dire need of equipment and good internet connection. Please be my strength and my guidance in helping me achieve this. I also ask that you give me a better health than I currently have. May I live longer to take care of my children and see them into adulthood. Please give my mother long life so that she may enjoy my success. So Mote It Be – And So It Is!!!

Jul 30, 2017

My dearest angels! Please guide my twin flame and I in coming together in physical union soon. Please bring us together so that we can start our journey of unconditional love. Thank you! ❤️

Jul 30, 2017
eugene richard

Dear Angels please help me in guidance to speed my manifestation to be able to say the right thing to say the right words .I give you full permission I am asking for your help on anything that you think you could help me with please.Your my only hope nobody else will be there for me I have a mission it,s to important for all everyone,s concern I cant do it alone, Thank you

Mar 07, 2017
Palesa Pangalele

Please help my situation in love and money. May the manifestations speed up – So Mote It Be!!!

Mar 07, 2017

My dearest Angels & Universe please help me. I need to be confident and strong to make the right decisions with regards to my work and 13 year old Herman Shepherd, she’s poorly with her hips.
Please help me find the way to do the right thing in both situations.
Please help me find ways to speed up the process with my partner, as to whether he’s coming back to me or not.
Lastly the last year 18 months have left me financially distraught please help speed the process by showing me the way forward to manifest my finances- thank you so much for everything I have received and been given so far on a daily basis. I am very blessed and grateful. Love n’ light Nikki xxx

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