Heal Your Sensitivity with Angels

Heal Your Sensitivity with Angels

Feeling other people’s feelings is common to angel healers. I call people who can feel other people’s feelings “sensitive healers”. Negativity and criticism hurt sensitive healers deeply. Young sensitive healer’s hearts are easily broken and the damage occurs early in life creating a need for emotional healing as young adults. Sensitive healers have little to no emotional boundaries. This makes you emotionally vulnerable. You feel other people’s feelings as if they were our own. Because of this, you may cry and are in pain when others are suffering. You can become easily irritated when you experience negative behaviors. Your close friends tell you that you are “Just too sensitive!”

The healing news is that you are sensitive because your energy is lighter and less dense than most others’. Your heart is relatively full of more love than others. You feel more deeply than others (In my experience the degree to which a sensitive healer feels varies from person to person. I feel more deeply than most sensitive healers. The deeper you feel the more easily and more often your heart will be broken.) You vibrate at a frequency similar to the frequency of the spiritual realms. The spiritual realms are a place of beingness and do not contain concrete thought. Anything too dissimilar will feel too earthy. You can feel the difference between your energy and those who are not as light. Negative personalities drain you of energy and weigh you down. You prefer the company of other loving spiritually focused people.

Sensitive healers thrive off of positive and supportive intimate relationships. Sensitive healers can easily be hurt by broken promises. A broken promise is break of intimacy. The psychic pain from past and early broken promises resurfaces when similar circumstances arise later in life. When you work on healing our past, you no longer need to feel the pain from the past. A sensitive healer can recover from broken promises when they do not make an emotional attachment to the outcome of the promise and engage in intimate relationships that give them unconditional love. Sometimes it takes a decade to find a relationship which can heal you. For me, becoming a breastfeeding mother healed my past.

Sensitive healer’s bodies are sensitive. We have sensitive eyes which become red easily. We have sensitive skin which irritates easily. My skin appears to be nearly translucent giving me an ethereal look to those who take a close look. Sensitive healers are very sensitive to intrusive medical treatments such as shots or surgery. I have cried in a dentist’s chair but as I grew and worked on the issues I needed to heal I overcame this fear and can sit in a dentist’s chair without going into tears today. Your body is more sensitive to heat and cold than others. You may heat up and cool down more quickly than others.

Sensitive healers are hyper alert to the drain of energy in their bodies. You are easily drained by large groups of people and hectic environments such as parties, malls, concerts, conferences and loud raucous music. A long work day and long drive home drains you of energy. Sensitive healers are drained of energy more quickly than others.

Sensitive healers can become easily overwhelmed. It takes you time to translate and process information not at spiritual level before you can comprehend or respond to it. Because of this it is important to give yourself permission to go at your own pace when learning to master something new.

Sensitive healers are attracted to silky, velvet clothing, down comforters and pillows, plush sofas and carpets. You prefer soft comfortable clothing and shoes. You like to surround ourselves with sweet smelling things.

In relationships sensitive healers have trouble saying no. This can lead you to give too much and then you need to learn how to receive and be constructively selfish. Very often you care for people who do not care for you equally in return. You likely were born with a rose-colored view the world. This can lead to making poor choices in relationships.

Given all of this, what does a sensitive healer need to do to be healthy and happy? Sensitive healers need to support, clear, protect and heal themselves. Here is how:

Support Your Sensitivity

Support Yourself with the Right Kind of Food: Eat light food. Avoid sugar, processed food and meat. Your body vibrates at a light frequency. You will feel uncomfortable processing heavy sugar laden food that no longer has life force energy in it. Do your body a favor and give it food that is easy to process and returns life energy to you. The more processed food is the less life force energy it has in it. Eat raw food as often as you can.

Support Yourself with a Spiritual Uplifting Environment: Spend as much time as you can in quiet, peaceful surroundings with subdued light, sweet smells, soft gentle music, especially new age and classical. Meditate to candle light. At home surround yourself with sweet smelling flowers and plants. Listen to chimes and harp music. Hang a wind chime outside of your window. I choose to work from home full time in a window office with a view to my plant filled patio listening to a wind chime rather than commute to the office and spend my day with ego and negative personalities that drain me of energy avoiding a commute during rush hour.

Clear Your Energy

Clear Yourself with Regular and Light Exercise: Engage in light and spiritually focused exercise such as nature walks or hikes, yoga or light aerobic activity. All forms of exercise restore the circuit of energy in your body which gets disrupted by extended periods of time working, negative personalities, crowded and loud gatherings of people.

Clear Yourself by Connecting with Mother Earth: Spending time outside will clear and uplift your energy as the vibration outdoors is lighter than the vibration indoors. Visualize sending your energy down to the earth and receiving energy from Mother Earth. Do this for 10 – 15 mins. Hug a tree, sit against a tree trunk, meditate lying down on the earth. Or go for a walk outside.

Clear Yourself with Sea Salt Baths: If you don’t get a chance to exercise you can also clear your energy field with a sea salt bath. The salt neutralizes your energy and the water clears away energy that you do not need. Try adding a drop of aromatherapy.

Protect Yourself from Energy Drain by Balancing Activity with Rest: We leak energy when we go into overdrive and do not turn off. We become drained of energy when we use too much power of the universe by being a workaholic, dutiful or over-dedicated. When you start to feel drained from working too much, stop, rest and sleep. Reciprocally, your energy circuit can break from inertia (inactivity). Inertia congests the flow of energy in your body with excess energy when you do not reciprocate the power of the universe. If you have been too inactive, you need to get the energy flowing in your body again by working or exercising.

Heal Your Emotions

Heal Your Broken Heart Using Angel Healing: Take time to understand the root cause of your emotional pain. Most often you were not nurtured properly, an intimate relationship was broken, or you were abused. Use angel healing techniques such as forgiveness and positive thinking to change how you feel about the past. Get out of your heart into your head. Take care of yourself by not engaging in relationships with people who do not know how to love you properly.

Flower Essence Recommendation: Mexican Primrose (restores balance and power) by Ronni Ann Hall

Protect Your Energy Using Your Heart and Mind

Protect Yourself by Drawing Emotional Boundaries with Others: Get to know yourself as separate from others. As a young person, there was no emotional difference between me and others. It took me years to learn how to emotionally, mentally and energetically separate myself from others. I did this by spending time by myself even when I was inclined to be in intimate relationships. When I was with others, I mentally withdrew my thoughts when I felt sucked in.

Book Recommendation: Where to Draw the Line by Anne Catherine

Flower Essene Recommendation: Salvia by Ronni Ann Hall

Prevent Yourself from Becoming Overwhelmed by Focusing Your Mind: You can manage the flow of energy through your mind by focusing on one task at a time. This will prevent you from being overwhelmed. Give yourself concrete tasks to complete. Focus only on these tasks as you do them. Do not think about the next thing you need to accomplish. Give the next task attention only when you are done with the previous task.

Protect Yourself by Drawing Etheric Boundaries: When you are in public, practice drawing etheric boundaries with everyone! I cannot stress how important and effective this is. Drawing etheric boundaries with others is easy. Imagine a shield of white, pink, blue, grey or other color (use your intuition to decide what frequency is best) between you and others. When you have strong etheric boundaries you come across stronger and more confident. You will not be drained of energy. You will feel better than when you do not practice shielding. I wish that there was a sign hanging down between my eyes that said, “Draw etheric boundaries” every waking moment of my life. If I practiced this regularly I would be so happy when I’m in public.