Third Eye Chakra Angel Healing Reading

Third Eye Chakra Angel Healing Reading

Third Eye Chakra Angel Healing Reading

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Must Read Before Placing Your Order:

Q. What Information Do You Need For Your Readings?
A. Full name, recent picture, correct email address and your birthdate. (Must be 18+).

Q. Where do I send my informative details?

A. After your order, please reply to your order confirmation email with your informative details. 

Q. How will I receive my reading?
A. Via Email. Please make sure to provide a correct email address during your checkout process. 

Q. How long do I have to wait to receive my reading?
A. Please allow 14 business days to receive your purchased angel healing reading.  If you didn’t receive your order within 14 days please reply to your order confirmation email. 

My office hours: MON-FRI. 10AM-7PM. Central Time

Q. Any instructions I should know after I receive my angel healing reading?

A. After you’ve received your reading via email please make sure to drink plenty of water and rest for the next 2-3 days as this will benefit your healing process. 


Q. Which form of payment do you accept?

A.Credit/Debit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.

Apple Pay, Shop Pay & Meta Pay.

On your statement it will say: HealingByDanica

All of your information is kept confidential.

Please note that I don’t accept PayPal anymore. Thank you.

Q. Do your readings cure disease(s)?

A. My readings that you purchase on this website aren’t designed to heal nor cure any disease(s). If you have medical questions, please contact your medical provider.


Q. What is your mission with your readings?

A. My mission with my power of angelic healing readings is for the healing archangels and myself to bring healing your way on all levels (mind, body, and spirit) in all directions of time. 

In order for healing to occur, It’s important that you are honest with yourself, be gentle with yourself and most importantly get to the root of your worries/concerns/fears. Truly acknowledge what needs healing in your life.

Start a meditation program, practice deep breathing exercises, watch your diet as well learn to walk away from negative environments as negative energy from others will prevent you to fully heal.

It’s important that you call upon Archangel Michael to shield your chakras and your aura every single day.

Angelic Healing truly starts when you let go. When you let go you'll start to heal and as you start to heal you’ll notice that you’ll feel emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically grounded.
My mission is for you to feel at peace with yourself and your emotions/thoughts.

I look forward working with the healing archangels and for us to help start your healing journey and most importantly for us tobring healing your way. 👼🙏✨


Angel Audio Healings By Danica

FAQ’s for Angel Audio Healings By Danica


Q. Where can I find my purchased audio downloadable link? 


A. Please check your order confirmation email or your order confirmation page. There you’ll find your purchased audio downloadable link. You can start listening to your purchased audio right away.


Q. Can I drive while listening to your audio? 

 A. I don’t recommend you driving while listening to my audio healings as these audio healings are deep healing which requires you to follow the instructions as you listen to your audio. No distractions while listening to your audio healing. 



Q. I purchased more than one audio healing. Can I listen to them all at once? 

 A. I recommend that you listen to one audio healing at a time. Please drink plenty of water and rest 2-3 days after you’ve listened to your audio healing (remember that this is a deep healing)….then after that you can listen to your other audio healing and so on. 



Q. Are you audio healings designed to heal and cure diseases? 
A. These audio healings aren’t designed to cure nor heal any diseases. If you have any medical questions please contact your medical provider. 



Q. Can I purchase a audio healing for a friend or family member? 

A. Yes you can purchase a audio healing for a friend or family member. Just make sure you put their email address during your checkout so they receive their downloadable link. 


Q. What’s the best way to listen to your audio healings? 

 A. Best way to listen to my audio healings is by wearing headphones.


If you need any further assistance, please click on the chat button below. 

Unlock the secrets of your third eye chakra with a personalized angel healing reading by Danica. Connect intuitively to your third eye chakra and gain greater awareness and clarity of your life energy. Danica will provide you with the spiritual guidance and support you need to access a higher level of understanding.

Danica will then wok intuitively with Archangel Gabriel for 25 minutes to bring healing to your third eye chakra. When healing take it’s place you’ll have a easier time seeing yourself in a loving/caring way, will focus on what’s important as well as your intuition will heighten. This deep healing is designed to bring clarity and renewed vision to your life. You’ll be able to access your authentic truth with ease and grace.

I feel like with our third eye chakra we carry allot of judgmental energy. It’s important every morning when you wake up and you see yourself in the mirror to tell yourself I am strong, healthy, beautiful, worthy, and perfect just the way I am. Others opinions of me don’t matter as I know I am perfect just the way I am. Positive reminders will strengthen your third eye chakra. Third Eye Chakra readings can be a powerful tool to help you build self-love and acceptance. Get the guidance you need to bring balance and harmony into your life and live with a sense of self-confidence each day.

 Archangel Gabriel wants to see you trusting your intuition as well as your third eye chakra more often. Do know that all is truly possible in life and that’s starts with you believing in yourself and moving past the fear and judgments. Angel Healing Reading By Danica will help you unlock your inner power and open yourself to what life has to offer. With guidance, your spirit will connected to a higher level of understanding and your life can be changed for the better.

 Tap into your intuition and see life as it is with Third Eye Chakra Angel Healing Reading by Danica. Embrace life's ups and downs, knowing you have Archangel Gabriel's everlasting support. When you cry and experience soul-cleansing, your third eye chakra is strengthened, allowing you to intuitively access the truth of every situation and trust yourself and your abilities.


After you’ve placed your order, please reply to your order confirmation email with your full name, birthdate (must be 18+), recent photo.

Please allow 14 business days to receive your purchased angel healing reading. You’ll receive your reading via email that you’ve provided during your checkout process. With the convenience of email delivery, it's never been easier to access healing from anywhere in the world. Danica will provide guidance and clarity from the comfort of your own home.

This angel healing reading isn’t designed to cure nor heal any diseases. It is, however, designed to help you uncover the gifts of your divine self and gain clarity on the path to ultimate self-healing.

Danica takes all of her healing work seriously and all of the healing work is done professionally. She ensures that your individual needs are addressed with care and sensitivity, so you can enjoy the full benefits of the reading. All of your information is kept confidential. 

If you need any assistance, please click the chat button below.

Angelic Blessings.