“Archangel Raphael sends this card to inspire you to increase your prayers surrounding your health question. This may mean putting requests into prayer groups, such as those associated with churches or temples. It also calls for you to pray more personally and to ask your spiritually minded loved ones to join you.

Hundreds of well documented and carefully designed studies have supported the healing power of prayer and have ruled out the placebo effect. There’s evidence that the more people who pray for a cause, the better the result… regardless of the type or denomination of the prayer. Raphael joins you in praying for the best possible outcome as well as peace for everyone involved.

And remember: the answer to your prayer is usually better and different from what you may expect.

Possible specific meanings of this card:

Pray about every aspect of this situation. Instead of worrying, pray! Talk honestly with God and the angels about your fears, desires, and feelings. Ask for help and then accept assistance when it is offered. Start a prayer or support group for the issue at hand.

My prayer: “Dear God and Archangel Raphael, thank you for hearing and answering my prayer of ____________________________________________ (please add the details of your own prayer).


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Dec 08, 2016

Our most awesome God and all out archangel, Angeles and Saints all our departed love one to please pray for a good outcome for the coming of our future of family and friends. Thank you Amen

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