The fairies know how to magically manifest all of their material needs and desires, and they also assist people – like yourself – in making thier dreams come true. This card represents that the fairies are very happy to grant your wish! They work in concert with all of the universal forces and energies, but you can also help your prayer rapidly manifest by going with the flow in your own life. Stay as centered and peaceful as possible because negativity could block your desire. Go outside in nature often to keep your spirit soaring with the magical energies of joy and gratitude.

Additional meanings for this card: A loved one is planning a surprise for you. Your thoughts are manifesting into form very quickly, so be sure that your silent prayers and spoken words are aligned with your desires and not your fears. Trust in the Universe. Keep a sense of wonder and awe. 


Nov 26, 2016

Thank you I know you will send my way, what is right for me and my boo!

Oct 24, 2016

Please my Angeles help my husband and I to get out his mother house and get our freedom back to do that we pray for a work for my husband and me so we could put our life together again ?❤❤❤?Amen

Sep 15, 2016
Ann MacDonald

My wish has not come true!!! The cards keep saying that it will, but hing. Have been asking for a sign that I’ve been heard….NOTHING!!!!! Starting to lose faith!!

Sep 14, 2016
rosanne sanders

I need financial help as soon as possible and healing for my sister jean shes sick with copd thank you

Sep 06, 2016
Paula Pardee

I wish for an abundance of money so I can travel. I’m tired of being homeless.

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