This card serves as a reminder of the importance of asking for your desires. The Universe is much like a restaurant, in that you need to put in your order before anything can happen. Your current situation calls for action on your part. First, spend time clarifying your desires; then tell the Universe clearly what you want. You can always qualify your request with the prayer, "This, or something better...." so that you don't unwittingly limit yourself. However, you do need to make a clear decision about your desires.

Additional meanings: Be honest with the people in your life. ♥ Tell the Universe what you want. ♥ Write a list of your desires. ♥ Have a heart-to-heart talk with someone you're in a relationship with about your needs, boundaries, and expectations. ♥ Ask others to help you, and accept that aid when it's offered. ♥ Expect a positive outcome, and your expectations will be rewarded.

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