Perfect Timing: “This is the right time for you to move forward.”

“If you are wondering when your desire will be fulfilled or when is the best moment to make a change, the answer is now. The universal energies have aligned perfectly and have opened a gateway for you to easily step through. This is one of those times in life when you are on a roll and everything you touch turns to gold – take advantage of the divine timing and make your move. Any additional preparation at this point would be akin to procrastination. Take one step at a time and move forward today!

Additional meanings for this Angel card: Your positive thoughts and affirmations are working, so please keep them up. Stop procrastinating and take action now. Make a clear decision. Trust your inner sense of timing about this project. keep the faith, as your prayers are on the brink of being realized. Take advantage of your spare time and use it to achieve your goals.”

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