Crown Chakra Angel Healing Reading.

Crown Chakra Angel Healing Reading.

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Product Information

During your crown chakra healing, Danica will connect intuitively with your crown chakra and will let you know what your crown chakra wants to let you know. This powerful experience will provide valuable insights into any areas of your life that could benefit from healing and transformation. Enjoy exclusive access to the wisdom of your highest self.


During your crown chakra healing, Danica will also work with the healing Archangel Metatron for 25 mins to bring healing to your crown chakra. When healing has taken its place you’ll feel more at peace with your thoughts and will have an easier time concentrating throughout your day. This combination of healing techniques offers a powerful path to spiritual clarity and a deeper understanding of life. You’ll be in a better state to make life-affirming decisions and achieve positive outcomes.

Archangel Metatron wants to see you express your pessimistic/negative thoughts in writing and make sure you aren’t experiencing mental chatter for long periods of time as this will weaken your crown chakra. Therefore, you’ll have a hard time using your inner knowledge as well as your intuition will decrease. It’s very important that you quiet your mind everyday and once again writing out your negative/pessimistic thoughts. Also what has been making you feel anxious lately, where are your pessimistic thoughts coming from, what blocks are currently weighing down your crown chakra as well as how has your sleep been lately? It’s important that your sleep is healthy as this will strengthen your crown chakra. Crown Chakra healing helps you clear the mental chatter and feel more relaxed. Guided by Archangel Metatron, you can use your inner knowledge, trust your intuition, and improve your sleep routine for a balanced, holistic lifestyle. Get ready to feel more connected to the spiritual world and start your journey to total wellbeing.

Personally, I feel like allot of times past negative memories would weigh down our crown chakra making us feel like we are mentally entrapped and like we can’t move forward in our life and would have uncertainty of how our future will look like and this is because we have a tendency to build walls around us as well as live in the past having a hard time then staying present and focused on what we should be learning and manifesting and most importantly moving forward with using our inner knowledge. With the Crown Chakra Angel Healing Reading by Danica, you can learn to release yourself from these negative patterns and beliefs, and gain clarity for a more confident and self-assured future. Unburden yourself from the past and take the steps towards true liberation.

Archangel Metatron wants to see you stay positive and focused. I will make sure to work with the healing archangel Metatron and bring healing to your crown chakra so you have a easier time concentrating and most importantly staying focused on your manifestation process.

Anxiety is something we all deal with in life. And know that it is okay. Be okay with anxiety. When anxiety dose weigh down our crown chakra we lose our inner knowledge, our intuition decreases as well as we have a hard time staying present and making us also experience mental chatter as well as insomnia. This is why the healing archangel Metatron will make sure to lift/heal your anxiety from your crown chakra. At the same time it’s important that you focus on staying present and most importantly focus on what truly makes you happy in life. You are safe as you get to the root of anxiety and know that the healing archangels are always by your side. Metatron will gently guide you in releasing the causes of your anxiety, so you can reconnect to your inner truth and experience peace. Through the powerful angel healing reading, you can experience a newfound sense of calm and clarity in your life.

Day to day life can get hectic and this would weaken our crown chakra. It’s important that you eat healthier, meditate as well as keep writing out your negative thoughts as this will decrease your anxiety and strengthen your crown chakra. When your crown chakra starts to strengthen, you’ll feel peaceful within and your intuition will increase. Angel Healing Reading By Danica provides a unique way to align yourself and open up the opportunity for your intuition and inner peace to thrive. Let Danica bring clarity and healing to your spiritual journey, and get ready to explore the depths of your being.

Discover a truly transformative and exclusive understanding of your spiritual journey.


After you’ve placed your order, please reply to your order confirmation email with your full name, birthdate (must be 18+), recent photo.

You’ll receive your reading via email that you’ve provided during your checkout process. With the convenience of email delivery, it's never been easier to access healing from anywhere in the world. Danica will provide guidance and clarity from the comfort of your own home.

This angel healing reading isn’t designed to cure nor heal any diseases. It is, however, designed to help you uncover the gifts of your divine self and gain clarity on the path to ultimate self-healing.

Danica takes all of her healing work seriously and all of the healing work is done professionally. She ensures that your individual needs are addressed with care and sensitivity, so you can enjoy the full benefits of the reading. All of your information is kept confidential. 

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Angelic Blessings.