Seven Of Emotion: “Your angels are asking you to make an important decision that you have been putting off.


It is likely you know which choice you should make, but you are procrastinating so you do not upset someone else. Ask Heaven for guidance, and then make the choice that celebrates who you truly are.”

“Sometimes it can be very difficult to make a choice. We may have multiple options that appeal to us, or perhaps we do not like any of the possibilities. Listen to your intuition. Are you taking the necessary time to choose wisely? Or have you fallen into procrastination?

If your guidance tells you that you are stalling, then move forward! Your body uses feelings as a way to guide you in making correct decision. Listen to your emotional compass to know how and when to proceed. If you are still uncertain, ask your guardian angels for a sign.

Additional Meanings For This Card: Time to get focused. The need to release unhealthy choices. Unproductive daydreaming. Being unrealistic.”


Jan 09, 2017
Palesa Pangalele

Thank you so much, may I have the strength and courage to make the right choices.
And so it is!!

Aug 13, 2016
matilda thomas

Thank you angels for your love protection and guarding my family with blessing sof all tge angels but still irequest to pray for my younger sister mercy thomas to get agood life partner and please do pray for ny health as i had an heart stroke as iam blessed with good healh by the angels thankyou abd amen

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