Higher Consciousness: “You are receiving guidance from your true self, your higher consciousness, which is one with Divine universal wisdom. You are listening to love rather than fear.”

“This card is a validation that your recent feelings, thoughts, dreams, and aspirations are coming from Spirit. You have been asking for Divine guidance, and your higher self has answered your prayers. Your spiritual path has helped you hear this voice because you have taken the time to listen. Perhaps you have begun a meditation or yoga practice, and this has helped you quiet your mind. Or maybe you have put your foot down to the Universe and have adamantly decided to improve your life.

Whichever route you have taken is working very well. Now, the fairies ask you to keep having conversations with your higher consciousness. This will involve carving out time away from noise and stress. You may need to take frequent nature walks, join a spiritual support group, or go on a retreat. By quieting your life and your mind, the voice of your higher consciousness becomes increasingly loud and clear. It guides you perfectly through all life areas.


I easily hear and understand the inner voice of Spirit.”



  • Elaine Henry

    everything in it’s own time…<3 it will fall into place! Thank you!!

  • Dave Boden

    Thankyou for Spirit Danica xxx

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