Archangel Michael: “You are a powerful, loving, and creative child of God. You are very loved”


“You are made in the image and likeness of your Creator, so you embody aspects of all those qualities. Your inner divine light is pure and bright in truth, and no mistakes can undo God’s handiwork of true perfection. Don’t be afraid of your power, your magnificence, or your wisdom. When you succeed, you inspire others. When you change your life so that it’s more aligned with your interests, you inspire others. Be powerful! Be magnificent! This is who you are.”
Working with Archangel Michael: Michael’s name means “He who is like God,” since he emanates the Creator’s awesome qualities of love, power, strength, and unwavering faith.When you call upon Michael, your own similar qualities are enhanced and magnified. Ask Michael to enter your dreams and clear away any fears that are blocking you from fully enjoying and living your spiritual gifts and qualities. Michael works especially well with us while we’re sleeping, since that’s when we are more open-minded and receptive.


Dec 20, 2016
Palesa Pangalele

Dear Divine Archangel Micheal I call upon you to please enter my dreams and clear any fears that are blocking me from fully enjoying and living my spiritual gifts and qualities. So mote it be!!!

Sep 19, 2016
Blue Flame

You’re timing is so Perfect! I was feeling like I wish I would not have incarnated, dealing with finances and waking up just to chase money I hate it! But I Thank you and I Thank God for creating such a wonderful being! God Bless you.

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