Breaking Free: “Do you feel trapped in some life area? This card asks you to take the first step in freeing yourself from any unnatural restrictions.”

“Sometimes we feel trapped by outside circumstances. For instance, we believe that financial or family obligations compel us to accept an unsatisfactory job. Or we are afraid to leave or fix an unhealthy relationship. Perhaps we feel that our family or spouse will not “let: us pursue life enhancing activities, such as college classes or exercise programs. Then again, maybe we feel controlled by our addictions.

The fairies say that when we are responsible for ourselves, we are more responsible for others. That is, when we are happy, our family, friends, children, and spouse enjoy being around us and are inspired by our strength and confidence. Pray for help in releasing your fears and in assisting you in breaking free. God’s plan is that you be responsible, while simultaneously feeling as free as the birds, angels and fairies.


I am free, and I am powerful I now allow myself to enjoy this freedom and power.”


May 05, 2017

Thank you n need healing n freedom n true love

Apr 21, 2017
eugene richard

Angel please help me to brake free from my relationship I,ve been unhappy for years thank you

Apr 21, 2017

Danica my Angels guided me to your site I feel they guide me thru you. I have been having an amazing time, full of miracles and lessons and synchronicities!

Mar 12, 2017

Thank you so much very grateful xoxo

Sep 14, 2016
LIsa Korteweg

Thank you so much, it’s really help & release the feeling of freedom & powerful.

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