"You've finished one part of your life, and now a new and even better part is beginning."

This card indicates that a chapter in your life is closing; perhaps you've been feeling a sense of loss or anxiety about the future. This card reassures you that your present situation is teaching you many valuable and important life lessons. You're now taking that wisdom and beginning a journey with new people, work, and situations. Be open to this change, as it brings many blessings for everyone involved. Your future is taken care of.

Additional Meanings

You may be moving to a new home.
A job promotion is upcoming.
A relationship is ending.
A transition is noticeable.
Let go of unhealthful old patterns.
Make time to work on healing your past hurts.



  • Anne

    New job starts tomorrow!

  • Paula

    thank u my angels x yes I start new job and new career soon xx

  • Ava Timatyos

    I am so excited to begin a fresh cycle filled with positivity…?

  • Sima

    Im movin to a new city for a new job and also a new home.wow for this message.thank you so much.was in fear until now and saw this message.thank you !!

  • eugene richard

    Thank you so much looking forward to start a new and better life not only tp meet new people but to start a life I,ve only read about soooo looking forward for this thank you again to all the Angels for helping me .

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