Your Angels Are Always Ready To Help Your angels are ready 24/7 to help you, you just need to know how to connect with them. You can ask your angels to help you at any time and in any place – make friends with your angels and you will have a unique source of encouragement and guidance.

1 Take a few minutes out each day to commune with your angels, talk to them either out loud or in your head and express your gratitude to them.

2 When you need help from your angels all you need to do is as.

3 Ask your question, quieten your mind and wait for the response.

4 Close your eyes and picture a golden light filling you up with unconditional love.

5 Your response will come to you in some way, maybe a whisper or a thought, or maybe a sign from nature such as a bird or butterfly. You may be drawn to read a certain book or watch a particular film. Maybe even a song on the radio will give you the inspiration you need. Just pay attention over the next few days, and sure enough your answer will come.

6 Don’t forget to thank your angels for their help.

What if I don’t feel a connection?

Angels vibrate at a very high level and it may take a while to attune yourself to this high vibration. Be patient! The most common blocks to getting angelic guidance are:

Diet—(meat, caffeine, shellfish, most junk food, prepackaged foods that contain chemical additives and preservatives and chocolate are all low vibration foods that can block divine guidance) Drugs—(even over the counter products) and alcohol can cloud clarity.

Drama—Whether the chaos is yours or originates from others in your life, it can make you distracted and agitated which adds to the difficulty of connecting with angels. Ask your angels to clear away all negativity and fear and fill you with the energies of peace and love.

Disorganization—Angels are attracted to clean, organized, quiet atmospheres. Provide a welcoming atmosphere to appeal to angels.

Negative People—Make changes where you can in your own life and try to avoid negative people. If you can’t because of your circumstances, it may take you longer to connect but keep trying, eventually you’ll be able to tune into the higher vibrations.

Inexperience—If you haven’t done a lot of spiritual work or find it hard to relax and quiet your mind, be patient and realistic with your expectations. Try to increase your awareness of angels by heightening your all your senses and meditating regularly only a few minutes at a time.

Unrealistic Expectations—If you’re expecting a talking hologram to appear and talk to you for an extended amount of time, it’s not going to happen. Especially at first, the contact may be brief and more of a feeling than visual or audio. If you are lonely, you need human contact! Get out and join clubs or groups with interests like yours. Life is meant to be lived—get out there!


Dec 13, 2016

Dear Angels
I would like to say Thankyou for all you do and have done for us and are continually working on and support through all muchly appreciated and loved we just want to say a big Thankyou and so it is

Jun 01, 2016
Ma Amparo veizaga

I would like to connect to my Angel

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