Believe in Yourself! See yourself doing well, and you will.

Faith and trust in yourself is so important. Confidence comes in when you are able to love yourself unconditionally the way you should! You are created in God’s image and therefore you are absolutely perfect because God only ever created perfection. You might have lessons to learn in this life time but that does not detract from your perfection. Today the Angels are telling you that you need to remember that you are able to manifest anything your heart desires as long as it is for your highest good. Set your sights high and visualize yourself achieving whatever it is that you desire. The brain does not know the difference between imagination and reality so create whatever it is you have set your heart on and just by visualizing it, your brain will help you to bring it into reality. Do not be distracted by those that wish to stop you by bringing in a negative influence and making your self-confidence waver. Expect success and you will always achieve it but if you start to worry about failing that is what you will draw into your life and the experience will not be enjoyable. Set your focus and intent, ensure that you are properly balanced and grounded and know that you are able to create at your will. Always have a heart full of gratitude for the gifts that come into your life. The more you show that you are grateful the more abundance you will draw into your life. Ask the Angels and Beings of Light to assist you to create the perfect environment for yourself and those around you and you can change your life forever!


  • eugene richard

    Thank you for this message in reply I do have a plan but I need your help I am very week and I need to go to the hospital but first I know I,ll I need a Judge that believes in fairness i,ll take it from there and i hope he,ll give me a lecture that’s what will send me to the Hospital i would truly appreciate for this to happen .

  • Brian Locke

    Great Article that is what I Am trying always express, we are created in the Image of Source, so we are perfect learning lessons along the way. Thank you! It is a simple message, so simple that I am the message is getting there through you and other Lightworkers

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