First Step ~ Hydrangea: “Breaking down this problem into tiny pieces makes it easy to take the first step.”

Now is a time of transition. It is a space for you to reinvent yourself and achieve greatness. In order to do so, you need to take the first step. Pulling this card means you have allowed fear to prevent you from making any progress at all. That is OK, because this is a sign that you are ready for change. Your angels love and support you, and they know you can do this. Please let go of fear and move forward towards your bliss. You may have felt guided to make changes to your home, relationships, career, or friends. Go with this guidance and allow yourself to be gently moved from one stage to the next. You will take each step at a comfortable pace, constantly making headway yet always feeling safe.

Additional Meanings For this Card: It is time for a change; gift yourself with a makeover; reassess your relationships; focus on the small steps rather than the large ones.”


Apr 30, 2017

Thank you.

Mar 26, 2017
Palesa Pangalele

Thank you so much

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