Angel Of Balance ~ Reversed: “In this position, the Angel of Balance come with a loving warning that something may be seriously out of proportion in your life. It could be an important emotional component, such as the lack of self-acceptance or self-care. Remember, however, that when you put yourself last, the Universe will do likewise.

Receiving this card reversed can oftentimes be a warning of lost energy, calling you to relax more, sleep more or even just drink more water. Investigate how you may be out of balance in your time and energy regarding the external and internals in your life. The adjacent cards in your spread could indicate the particulars. Perhaps you have been working too much or been too obsessed with relationships or money. 

This loving angel can help bring you the courage and wisdom you need to break such toxic patterns. Meditate on the angel’s presence and visualize her pouring a beautiful liquid light through all of your Chakras, balancing them and bringing you peace. Remember that you always have power to bring things back into peaceful balance.


I live a balanced and centered life. 

As I care for myself,

the Universe cares for me also.”


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