Door To Personal Healing And Happiness.

New Beginnings in your personal life.

This card is a harbinger of positive change. The beautiful, light-filled door opens onto a lush, rainbow-lit spring filled with vibrant lotus flowers. Whether you're working on some inner healing, such as breaking an addiction, or looking to make some external changes, such as finding a new place to live, this card signals that your life is opening up and new opportunities are about to appear. The changers you've been working on are ready to blossom with wonderful results, so make sure you see your personal intentions through with continued action and optimistic expectations.

This card can also mean: You may be feeling stuck where your personal intentions are concerned. Self-mastery and discipline may be hard to achieve right now, or specific plans for person change may be being blocked. Remember that your intentions need to be clear and unconflicted. Whatever you're working on, you need yo know that you are capable of achieving it and that you deserve it. Put you heart into the plans and changes you desire and realize that you are worth your own time and effort. The new beginning you seek will come with your own focus and patient determination.

I am strong, focused, and self-directed. I have the power to create wonderful new realities in my life.



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