Accept The Gifts Of The Universe: “Are you limiting yourself and what the Universe is trying to bring to you? The Universe will bring you all that you desire, but you must be able to accept what it brings. Many of us limit what we can receive because we feel unworthy, or we think that to receive so much would be selfish. Neither is true in the eyes of the Universe, which will bring you as much as you allow. It is infinitely abundant, so receiving what you want in no way limit others. One way to dispel these beliefs is to contemplate what you think might happen if you did realize your dreams. Do you uncover any anxieties or fears? Do you worry that you are asking too much? Do you imagine your wish, if fulfilled, might cause another injury or pain? Does bringing change into your life make you nervous? If you uncover any beliefs that are contrary or in conflict with your dreams, are you willing to trade them for more supportive ones?

The question the Universe asks is, “how good can you stand it?” because that is as good as it gets.”

Pulled from the Trust Your Vibes Oracle Card deck, by Sonia Choquette

Love & Light
Lightworker Danica

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