Laugh: “Life has become way too serious for your own good, and you have temporarily forgotten that all is well. To connect with higher vibration and easy rest, laugh at your circumstances – no matter how upsetting or serious they may appear. Laughing immediately opens your heart chakra, awakens your Higher self, calls in your angels and guides, and activates your ability to tune in to and follow your vibes to the best possible solution. It clears your aura and helps to rebalance your chakras, clearing the way for you to intercept even higher channels of direction and solution.

Laughter is also the front door to healing energy. Even if you feel that a dark night of the soul has descended upon you, you may just be overreacting. The present situation, no matter how menacing it may appear, is begging for some comic relief, and you are being advised from the higher realms to step back and allow such relief to enter. Your angels and guides are on the scene, working hard to restore balance and order and usher in the gifts that today’s challenges offer. So let go, lighten up, and allow life to sort itself out. It will.”

Pulled from the Trust Your Vibes Oracle Card deck, by Sonia Choquette.

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