You are making big breakthroughs in your life by putting your Divinely inspired ideas into action. Trust that you are guided each step of the way.



Those gut feelings, dreams, and strong impulses you have been getting aren't just examples of wishful thinking. They represent the germination of new projects and situations that are vehicles for your Divine life mission. Don't ignore these gifts from heaven, which come on the wings of repetitive, strong thoughts and feelings.

The fairies ask you to honor your inner feelings by taking at least one step today in the direction of making your dreams and desires a reality. Fearlessly take one step to dismantle any part of your life that is out of integrity. Take another step toward realizing your heart's desire. Even a tiny step that is remotely related to improving your life will make you feel that you are soaring with the fairy realm.
Keep taking one step a day, and soon your dreams will be a reality.

I move forward fearlessly, trusting that each step I take is perfectly guided."

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