Archangel Jeremiel ~ Clarity: “Clarity is the state attained when the mind becomes still...

When our fears, assumptions, expectations, and projections fade long enough for the fog to clear from our eyes, our ability to see returns. When we let go of coddling the inner voices of the ego and emotions that fog up our perceptions and take us out of the present moment, we can then be free to see the bigger picture.

To experience true clarity we must still the chatter of the mind, let go of staying stuck in the fog of emotion and step away from ourselves long enough to see ourselves and our lives from a higher perspective.

When we feel clear, we are able to see ourselves and our lives clearly. We understand with clarity what is occurring for us and why, and we know what action to take to best honour our personal truth. Oftentimes, to achieve this state we must clear away the fog and mess in our lives – from cleaning and clearing our homes, to cutting negative ties, to clearing away and replacing negative self-talk. Engaging in a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual clean our will always give you the space necessary to find clarity.

It is essential now to clear away what has been keeping you in the fog, and find the space necessary for you to return to your center. This may mean cleaning your house, giving up grief or anger or demanding space for yourself in your own life. No matter what the effort required, the reward of clarity is always well worth it.

Clarity is coming to you now if you are willing to step up and embrace it.”

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