Detach From Drama

Message from Pallas Athena: You've been drawn into the upsetting world of human egos by focusing upon a drama. Although it's nothing more than a story, the drama feels frightening to you. This card comes to you as a helping hand in finding your way out of the story by detaching from the drama. Don't get pulled into the various plots, twists, turns, and characters of the drama. Instead, view it as a movie that you know will have a happy (or at least resolved) end- ir.i. Of course, you'll have compassion for everyone involved. Yet, you don't have to let drama pull you down in any way. As you focus upon the positive. you bring about a positive resolution.

Additional meanings for this card: Let go of attempts to make everyone happy.
Allow others to make their own choices in life. Don't delay your life's purpose by focusing upon other people's issues.
Avoid gossiping about or judging others.

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