Angel Of Guidance: “A renewed sense of direction and purpose will soon manifest.”

“You have felt a bit lost and confused lately, perhaps not sure of which direction to take. The Angel Of Guidance has felt your silent cries for help and is here to guide you upon your soul’s chosen path. Close you eyes for a few moments and feel a healing, calming and clairfying light swell from your heart center. Feel it expand through to your auric field creating an aura of rainbow light around you. In your mind’s eye, imagine before you a beautiful golden path surrounded by the lush foliage of trees and flowers, and visualize yourself upon this path heading towards the sun beyond the horizon. the golden path symbolizes your journey in this life, while the sun is the reflection of your soul which is your guiding light Stop trying to figure it all out and simply trust, for you are always on the right path whether you know it or not. Practice the golden path meditation a little each day and surrender all to your angel of guidance who is here to help you. You will have a renewed sense of direction and purpose very soon. Trust and love!”

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