“We angels are opening the hearts of everyone involved. Arguments and conflicts are being resolved now.”

“Your prayers for personal peace have been answered, and you are to be commended for your role in ushering peace into this situation.Visualize everyone involved (including yourself) being cooperative and open-minded, even if particular persons aren’t usually this way.” Trust the inner guidance you receive, and know that changes are sometimes uncomfortable but often necessary.Ask me to help with any aspects of relationships that need healing. Know that all relationships ultimately have blessings, growth lessons, and love at their core, even if appearances seem otherwise.Stay focused upon this truth as much as possible.”


Working with Raguel:

Raguel’s name means “Friend of God,” and his principle role is to create harmony and order in relationships.He has the power to resolves disputes and is often referred to as “The Archangel of Justice and Fairness.”If you find yourself in a dispute, ask Raguel to act as mediator.He’ll come up with a creative resolution in which everyone wins.

Raguel has beautiful pale blue energy, like the sky on a perfect spring morning.


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