“Notice how the moon affects your energy and manifestations, and capitalize upon these cycles.”

“The full moon is a perfect time to release anything you’re done with, the new moon is a the time to focus on manifesting  desires and intentions, and the evening before the full moon is an optimal time for healing, and for recharging healing instruments such as crystals and oils.”

 “Spend time looking at the moon, and notice how you feel in relationship to its cycles.  AS you discover the moon’s connection to your vitality and moods, you’ll be more in touch with its Divine Magic.”


Working with Haniel:  Haniel’s name means “Glory of God.” 

 Haniel helps us honor our natural cycles, moods, and rhythms.  She assists us in embracing all aspects of ourselves, including our strengths, setbacks, and shadows.  Call upon her if you ever feel unsure, or bad about yourself.  Haniel will help you appreciate yourself and see how beautiful you are right now. Haniel’s aura is bluish-white, like the full moon’s glow. The crystal associated with Haniel is moonstone, which has magical nurturing energy associated with it.  Wear of hold a moonstone whenever you wish to feel close to Haniel.  She will care for you with her nurturing mother energy and effect miracles with her love for you.




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