“You are just getting started, so have patience with yourself and the process and do not give up.”

Message from Aeracura: “In many ways, you are like a flower bud who is ripe and ready to open and grow. Don’t try to rush this process, as it’s part of your beautiful path. Enjoy learning new knowledge and skills. Take your time to gather new ideas. Nurture your body with plenty of fresh air, sunshine, water, and healthful food. Soon enough, you’ll get the unmistakable signal that it’s time to put your learning into action. Spend time among flowers, or work with flower essences and oils to support your growth process.”

Various meanings of this card: Slow down • Have patience • Get involved with gardening • Use aromatherapy and/or flower essences • Keep the faith.

About Aeracura: Aeracura is a Celtic and Germanic goddess who multitasks as an Earth Mother deity, a fairy queen, and also a bridge between earthly life and the hereafter. She helps us put our goals and challenges into perspective so that we don’t needlessly stress ourselves. Call upon her for emergency money or help in manifesting supply. She’s especially fond of assisting artists and inventors.


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