The Universe is sending you messages right now about the perfect next step to take.

 Listen to the guidance you receive in the form of intuition, synchronistic events, symbols, and sleeping dreams. Be alert for people or situations that may not be quite what they seem. Give yourself a reading, or speak to a professional or friend who is also psychic. Embrace the loving information you receive . . . it is Divinely inspired!

Worry is unnecessary and will only slow down your progress. There’s no need to be afraid. Let go of fear. If any part of your life no longer feels right, then trust your intuition and make the necessary changes.

Our fairy plays a stringed instrument under the light of a crescent moon. Her reflection in the water, however, shows her playing a different instrument, indicating that under the moon, things are not always what they appear to be.

Additional meanings of this card: Psychic awareness. Seeing what you didn’t see before. No longer being afraid. Becoming a professional intuitive or reader. Hidden information. The power of your sleeping dreams.


Jan 10, 2017
Marie Sherman

Just Wanted To Say, THank You !!

Jan 10, 2017


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