This door opens onto the expansive energetic realm where all new beginnings originate. The orbs of light are guiding you through the clouds of the earthy world, leading you to a deeper understanding of your eternal identity – the source of all true value and power.

This door opens onto truly unlimited potential, for the changes that happen here reach deep into the core of your being. As such, this card often heralds your increasing powers in the spiritual arts and a deepening connection with the spirit world. Do not be surprised if you find yourself becoming more intuitive, more aware of Spirit’s presence, or more powerful in your own healing practices.

Now is the time to open up to the unexpected guidance and inspiration of spirit and to the magic and power of your true identity! So relax and let go. Meditate on your soul self, your higher self that resides in your own heart center. Allow that connection to grow, and you will find that many new doors will open as a result.

I relax and connect with my spirit’s wisdom and power. I live in the peace that my spirit brings, and I know that the world of Spirit supports me."

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Jan 10, 2017
Hrafnhildur Maria Thorgrimsdottir

Thank you

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