By purifying your life of negative people, places and experiences, you attain true peace.”

Receiving this card shows that you body and energy are craving peace, and the purity of white rose will serve as your guiding light. It is time for you to take a well deserved rest, but to do so, you must clear away the negativity from your life. Start by finding the source of the lower energies that have been coming to you. Take a good look at the people you are spending time with. These may not be individuals who will help you achieve your life purpose. By continuing to interact with them, you are preventing yourself from reaching a state of peace. Please do not deny yourself this gift of serenity any longer. The archangels Metatron, Michael, and Raphael are with you now and wish to help you make this transition. Ask them for help in finding high vibrational people and calming places to enjoy your leisure. They may also urge you to do some physical purifying. A good place to start would be sorting through your wardrobe and donating unused clothing to charity. You will be enjoying peace and tranquility sooner than you think! Additional meanings: Release any and all negativity; it is time for some spring cleaning.

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