I am the Angel of Abundance. You will receive the money that you need, and God is in charge of how that will happen. Have faith.


The Universe is the source of all your good. Release all of your cares and worries to me, and I will bring them directly to the Universe. The more that you surrender this situation to Heaven, the more open you become. Your openness - like outstretched armes - welcomes the gifts that we bring you. When you worry, however, it closes you down. It then becomes more difficult for us to deliver your gifts. You don't notice your gifts, or you push them away.

The Universe's infinite creativity means that your financial support will come in unexpected ways. One of the reasons why you worry is because you don't know how your money will be delivered. You can release these worries by completely relying on God's wisdom and care. Notice your repetitive thoughts, feelings, and ideas. They are our way of communicating Divine guidance to you. As you follow these Divine directives, your supply comes to you on the wings of angels, without delay or reservation. The more that you can relax and trust, the faster we can bring these gifts your way.



  • Delhia

    I just prayed to our Almighty Heavenly Father through his son Jesus Christ, i surrender and leave into His altar all my financial worries, the fulfillment of all my dreams, my happiness, my girl career, my family and our lives…that the Angel of abundance will deliver without delay all the blessings i asked. Now i worry no more, for my faith and hope set me free. I believe i will receive all the supports i need from our Abba Father. Thank you Angel of Abundance, i humbly appreciated your wonderful job.

  • blanca

    Thank you for sending this message now. I will surrender all my worries to you God and the Arch Angel Serena in regards to my financial hardship and will not look back.. Please fill me with your Holy Spirit at this time with Angels wings wrapped around me and my children. So it is.

  • Ramona Rodriquez

    I leave my worries and know my prayers have been answered. Thankful you. I am grateful beyond words.

  • Christie

    I leave my worries to God and the Angels! Please povide the money so I can get my kids and me into a home . Thank you for all the blessings I have received

  • eugene richard

    Thank you so much for what you have given me already it came at the right time,i have complete faith in you no worries .Your my only one that has been there for me I will do what comes in my mine to do I have complete trust in you.I know that their will come a time that fear will be there but I will face it.

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