The Angels are addressing and assisting you with your romantic needs. Ask for and accept the Angels help with your love life.

Love is one of the strongest urges within us, to love and be loved in return. We all seek that “one” who will complete us and bring us the love we seek and the happiness associated with it. However we are seeking that love outside ourselves and because we are, we will never be satisfied with anyone we meet who brings to us the possibility of love. Love has to be found inside ourselves first, we have to completely love ourselves before we can love another. We have to be able to accept ourselves for all that we are, the good, bad and indifferent, and love ourselves for all of it. For how can we give to another what we can’t or don’t give to ourselves? Find that love inside first and then someone will show up for us who will mirror that love we feel inside, outside in the physical.

Looking for completion from another assumes that we are incomplete as we are ourselves and that is an illusion. We have to be complete in and of ourselves, balanced and whole, before we can find balance and completion with another. And so with this in mind, every relationship we enter into will mirror to us all that is in us that blocks us from love, all that is in us that is not love but rooted in fear and doubt and separation. We are never separate as we are connected to the whole and we have no need of fear because we are love, we can be nothing but love. We need to look in the mirror and take a long look at who is looking back at us and see that amazing being, that spirit that is immortal and all powerful, and tell that being we love them. It all begins with us and once we can be alone and be balanced and be complete with and inside ourselves, then the love we seek will come to us.

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