Your home is protected by Angels.

This card indicates that you have questions or vulnerable feelings concerning your home or living situation, but Archangel Michael assures you that all is well. Angels are protecting your present dwelling and ensure its safety and financial security. If you're moving, this card is a sign that they're assisting with your relocation. Relax and enjoy your home, becauseall is well!

Possible specific meanings:

 Angels are watching over your home, loved ones, and possessions while you travel.
 Angels are helping you locate a missing item.
Your prayers about your house have been heard and answered.
A financial windfall helps you pay your rent or mortgage.
Angels are guiding you to wonderful and affordable living quarters -- trust and follow your guidance.

Archangel Michael, thank you for watching over my home and its inhabitants. I ask that you post guardian angels at each window and door, ensuring its security. Thank you for guiding my finances so that I can easily afford to pay my rent, mortgage, or taxes.

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  • Christine

    Thank you for this angel card it is a blessing

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